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Pioneers Lighting Paths for Future Generations


Joyner Payne Community Services, Inc (JPCS), is a nonprofit, public benefit organization incorporated in 1997 under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. JPCS evolved from the community need to acknowledge and address positive contributions made in the overall development of Silicon Valley by a broad cross-section of multicultural pioneers, deserving of wider recognition.
Our goals are to bridge disparaging generational gaps by re-establishing respect and appreciation for cultural traditions that unites instead of divides communities. We began this journey by assembling a Board of Directors primarily comprised of African American pioneers with long histories specializing in building cross-cultural collaborations and relationships with diverse communities.

African American Heritage House
African American Heritage House in San Jose, CA


It is the Vision of Joyner Payne Community Services, Inc to establish the Black History Museum – Silicon Valley, in San Jose, by the year 2020. The Museum will showcase the Black Legends Hall of Fame, a permanent recognition of these Black Pioneers, as well as the contributions of Black Americans in America throughout the development of this country. Initially we will have a virtual museum while we gather support and contributions to be able to acquire and develop a physical facility.


Joyner/Payne Community Services sponsors the production of an Annual, Black-Tie/Red Carpet “Black Legend Awards – Silicon Valley Ceremony” to recognize local Black leaders, living or deceased, whose significant contributions have enhanced the quality of life in Silicon Valley and beyond; To honor the recipients of the Awards by introducing the temporary Black Legends Wall of Fame (housed in the African American Community Service Agency).

2020 Black Legends Award S.T.E.M. Winner


The Aquarius Project provides an important tool for outreach and inclusion of the population, to offer a scientifically-based approach for leadership development and violence prevention, one that has been tested in other urban settings and developed to a capacity within the community that embraces non-violence and positive alternatives for youth.