May 30, 2022

Africa in the Americas program held at San Jose Mexican Heritage Plaza

The artist featured in this video was master of ceremonies for our Africa in the Americas program held at San Jose Mexican Heritage Plaza in 2007.
JPYSA is a member of the South Bay Black History Museum Collaborative (not to be confused with SJBHMSV.org) currently seeking funding support to complete the audio/visual documentary of the aforementioned program from 2007 and to produce an on-going series of events for promoting diversity and cross-cultural awareness throughout South Bay communities. For more info: Please email dawan@joynerpayneyouthserviceagency.org

April 15, 2022

Lifeforce Jazz Composers Forum

The early years in the long legacy of legendary composer/pianist Todd Cochran (Bayete’) now on YouTube video.

Lonnie Johnson
August 15, 2020

How a NASA scientist accidentally invented the Super Soaker

(CNN) Dr. Lonnie Johnson might be one of the most brilliant inventors of our time.
The scientist and engineer is responsible for over 100 patents, including a thermoelectric energy convertor and a thin film lithium battery.
But his most famous invention? One of the best toys of the 20th century, the Super Soaker.
And it came to existence all thanks to an accidental discovery.

Apple Coders image
July 16, 2020

Apple brings coding and app design to more Black universities and colleges.

Apple has announced extending its education partnerships, adding 10 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to its Community Education Initiative. The schools will have coding centers to become “technology hubs” for their regions, Apple said Thursday. There, people can learn coding and app design using Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create courses.

Black Entrepeneurs image
July 12, 2020

These Black Founders Succeeded In Spite of Silicon Valley.

Spurned by traditional venture capital firms, three Black entrepreneurs turned to other funders, government contracts, and their own savings to launch companies and manage to thrive despite indifference or hostility from Silicon Valley’s biggest backers.

Milan Ray Balinton image
July 10, 2020

Milan Balinton, Black Legends Award recipient, puts service, mentoring at the center of his leadership.

When COVID-19 — and the panic of the pandemic — hit the South Bay, Milan Balinton was at the local Walmart buying grocery carts full of food and supplies nearly every day, for the people he serves as the executive director at the African American Community Service Agency in San Jose.

June 12, 2020

Black Technologists Create New Virtual Gathering Spaces for Support & Networks Amid Pandemic.

When popular conferences such as SXSW were cancelled amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of attendees were left searching for new networking and professional development opportunities. Taylor, Hill and other entrepreneurs launched digital conferences that would fill this void, specifically for communities generally underrepresented in the tech industry..