July 25, 2020

Joyner/Payne Youth services announces a collaboration with prominent virtual museum software company to bring the Black History Museum of Silicon Valley to San Jose in 2020. The virtual museum will focus on six exhibits – Mother Africa, Journey to America, Slavery in America, Freedom not Realized, The Civil Rights Era, and the Black Legends Halll of Fame. We hope to raise enough funds in the coming months to build an actual physical building dedicated to Black heritage. You can help by contributing today. (link to Donations page).

February 15, 2020

The stellar Red Carpet Black Legends Award Ceremony was held at the Hammer Theatre in downtown San Jose – it is a celebration and acknowledgement of the Black Pioneers of the Silicon Valley, whom are being inducted into the Black Legends Hall of Fame Silicon Valley. The event is providing an opportunity for the community to celebrate the accomplishment and contribution of a selected group of African American in the Silicon Valley.

Joyner/Payne Youth services establishes a Collaborate Committee chaired by Aaron K. Hicks, Jr. to bring a Black History Museum to San Jose in 2020. The hope is to provide a virtual museum at the start and raise enough money to build an actual place to house the museum in the near future.